Newline Core Women's Long-Sleeved Running T-Shirt

Durable and long-lasting long-sleeved running t-shirt from Newline for all women who love to run!
This Newline long-sleeved running t-shirt is made of a mesh jersey fabric, which has a nice cooling effect when you fight the heat as you run.
The fabric is nice and soft.
It comes in 7 different colors.
The newline logos on the front and back are made of a reflective material.
You can even personalize your running jersey by printing a name, number or logo and get a running jersey that is completely your own.

- Lightweight running t-shirt
- 100% polyester
- Regular fit
Brand: Newline   
Model: 500103   
Product No: new58292

Add prints of name, number, sponsor and logo.

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