Craft Women's Polo T-Shirt

Craft's Pro Control Impact Polo for women is a functional polo t-shirt, which is tailored for all kinds of sports, but especially the likes of badminton, tennis, and paddle tennis.

The Pro Control Impact Polo is made of lightweight recycled polyester and this focus on recycled material fits perfectly with Fair Tees ambitions.

You get a polo shirt, in a classic design, with collar flips and two buttons on the front. The polo shirt is made of stretch material, which ensures that you do not lose your freedom of movement, even if the fit is close to the body.


- Women's polo shirt for bat and racket sports

- Made from recycled polyester

- Part of the Craft Pro Control Impact series

- Suitable for printing of club, sponsor, and company logo

Material: Front: 100% recycled polyester. Back: 97% recycled polyester, 3% polyester

Also available in a Craft pro control impact men

Marca: Craft   
Modelo: 1908226   
N.º do produto: cra54343

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