ID Pro Wear Care V-Neck T-Shirt Women

The t-shirt is made of a durable material and has extra reinforcement in the neck and shoulder seams. The t-shirt is therefore good for work use or in situations where the t-shirt may experience more wear than ordinary use.
As a very special feature, this Pro wear care t-shirt is certified with the EU flower. This certification is your guarantee that the clothes have as little impact on the environment as possible and do not contain pesticides and environmentally harmful chemicals. In this t-shirt, it means that the cotton is responsibly made and that the polyester is made from recycled polyester.

- V-neck t-shirt
- Pro wear by ID - Developed for professional use and therefore withstands washing at right temperatures
- Ladies model
Weight: 210-220 g / m2
Material: 60% Cotton, 40% recycled polyester
Certification: EU flower
Brand: ID   
Model: 0373   
Product No: id54953

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